It’s never what you say but how you say it.

Cardboard Comic is a unique line of greeting cards that actually tell you a joke. We’ve got Birthday Jokes for Birthday Cards, Anniversary Jokes for Anniversary Cards, Even Divorce Jokes for Divorce Cards, well, you get the picture – AND the sound!

Let us help you get your sentiments across with laughter – and we’ll say it for you…or not!

Rebecca Christie, while relatively new to stand up, is an entrepreneur, CEO, inventor and owner of a fine wine boutique.
Rebecca produces shows and has performed at Helium Comedy Club, Rob’s Comedy Club, Rhode Island Goddess Show and more.

Rebecca has studied under professional comedian Jennie McNulty (contact her to take her online comedy class).
Now she’s created the funniest cards you’ve ever…heard!

All jokes are copyrighted © and cardboard comic is trademarked. 

Play the video to see and hear our current selections.


  • Happy Birthday
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Congratulations (General)
  • Congratulations on your Divorce
  • Get Well
  • All Occasion Cards, Christmas, Special Events, etc.

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Look for our apparel coming soon!